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Strategy for the active involvement of consumers in active and non-invasive interaction.
We focus on the needs and expectations of future and existing customers.


    Our activities are aimed at improving the sales volume of our customers' products or services.


    We build a group of regular and loyal customers who are ambassadors of our clients' brands.


    We try to make sure that the information about our customers' products reaches as many customers as possible.


    We assume that not quantity but quality is a key factor in the success of our operations.


We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services from the area:


We operate social media channels in the agreed scope. We create unique and engaging content that evokes positive interactions among consumers. We focus on high quality content, which we create ourselves from scratch or on the basis of existing materials. Additionally, we carry out advertising campaigns in social media as a support for our activities:

  • planning and implementation of Social Media presence strategies
  • support for channels and profiles in social media - Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin
  • managing the advertising budget of FB, YT, Adwords and Google Display Network
  • content creation and publication
  • internet monitoring for the Client's brand


Thanks to the diversity and large number of ideas, everyone will find a suitable proposal in our offer. We make every effort to ensure that each Participant spends time in an attractive way, regardless of whether it is a corporate event, a city game or integration workshops.

  • thematic events
  • team building
  • integration workshops
  • art shows
  • company picnics
  • banquets
  • conferences
  • trainings
  • sports tournaments


We conduct a set of marketing activities undertaken on the client's website in order to improve and obtain high positions of selected keywords in natural search results. To this end, we implement:

  • professional and detailed SEO audit
  • optimisation of the website in terms of speed and search engine guidelines
  • appropriate selection of keywords based on analytical tools
  • analysis of the parties to competition
  • building an effective link profile


BUZZZ marketing is currently one of the most developing and powerful marketing tools. Thanks to the use of this tool you can become a "friend" of your customers. These are actions that stimulate specific actions of consumers to recommend or talk about a specific brand, products or services.

  • a campaign on discussion forums
  • a campaign on thematic blogs
  • a campaign on social media
  • monitoring the opinion about the brand
  • monitoring the opinion of the employer
  • monitoring of opinions on products
  • "A thorough analysis of the activities that have been conducted on the Internet so far has allowed us to define a clear communication strategy for our products. Thanks to this, we could quickly observe a significant increase in interest and increase in the number of visits to our website."

  • "We have noticed an improvement in the statistics on our portal already in the second month of cooperation. The website was visited by really interested customers, not by people who entered it by accident. Thank you, gentlemen."


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